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Every shoe we review is thoroughly tested by our team of shoe geeks.

Tenaya Indalo

Tenaya Indalo

An all-around sending machine for narrow feet. Particularly good on tricky vertical and moderately overhung…
Tenaya Mastia Thumbnail

Tenaya Mastia

An extremely comfortable and versatile performance shoe both inside and out, with a knack for…
Tenaya Masai Thumbnail

Tenaya Masai

A shoe created to excel on those barely-there edges, crystals, and ripples. A master of…
Butora Senegi Climbing Shoe

Butora Senegi

One of the most budget-friendly climbing shoes currently available. The Senegi is extremely comfortable, although…
Scarpa Vapor V Review

Scarpa Vapor V

One of the most adaptable sport climbing shoes money can buy. Awesome for beginners, seasoned…

Scarpa Instinct VSR

Soft but still supportive, the VSR is the ultimate quiver of one shoe. This is…
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to Try every climbing shoe

Our goal is simple: To test every single climbing shoe in the world.

Why? Mostly because we frickin’ love climbing shoes, but more importantly, we want to help you keep crushing at your best. We spill the beans with unfiltered reviews, personalized recommendations, and all the knowledge you need to make smart moves on your next shoe purchases.

It starts with 30 Days Of Testing

Every shoe we review goes through a minimum 30-day testing period on a variety of climbing terrain and disciplines.

We Create An Unfiltered Review

We create a detailed, unsponsored, review of the shoe’s performance, sizing, and suitability based on our testing.

Backed By Real Reader Reviews

Our community shares reviews to create the most accurate, useful, collection of shoe knowledge on the internet.

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