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What’s the Story?

We’re just Normal Dudes That Really Like Shoes

Our mission is simple: To edge, smear, and bat hang from every climbing shoe in the world.

We started this project in 2018 because of the lack of transparent and credible climbing shoe information. In the last five years, sharing genuine, unfiltered, shoe insights has been at the heart of what we do. Every review you will find on this site has been written by someone who has tried and tested that model. Climbing Shoe Review has grown because of the collective energy and passion of countless shoe lovers; from AMGA-certified instructors in the USA, alpine adventurers in Patagonia, and pebble wrestlers in the UK, this website is a community where climbers, new and old, can share their passion for climbing shoes.

I hope our little website helps you on your climbing journey. If you have any comments or questions, please shoot me an email! I welcome any comments or questions you might have!

How does it work?

The Review Process

Finding a climbing shoe that fits your foot shape and your intended use is an incredibly personal ordeal. No two feet are the same – not even your own. Picking new shoes will always be difficult without personal experience, but using others’ experience as a guideline will help you make a more informed decision on shoe models and sizing.

Because of this, testing shoes is at the heart of what we do. Real hands-on experience allows us to understand the quirks and characteristics of each shoe, draw comparisons between models, and help identify shoes that are best suited to various climbing styles and terrain. Over years of trial and error, we continuously refine our testing process, striving to share the most helpful information that will help you to climb at your best.

1. It all starts with a testing period

Every review that you will find on this website has begun with a testing period. We test every shoe for a minimum of 30 climbing days, although many shoes are used for much longer periods.

It’s an understatement to say that modern climbing is widely diverse, so we diversify the terrain, styles, and disciplines of our testing. At the most basic level, shoes must be tested thoroughly in a range of indoor and outdoor settings. The nature of the shoe will dictate how much testing in each environment should be done. For example, for gym-shoe specialists, it would be silly to spend extensive testing days outdoors and vice versa. The rock type will also be varied, especially for shoes designed to excel in specific outdoor environments.

2. We Collect Numerical and Categorical Data

After the 30 climbing days are up, our testers will begin to create their review. Each shoe review is distinctively broken into two sections; qualitative and quantitative data. The quantitative data is simply how each shoe scored on a scale of 1 to 10 across predefined criteria. They can be seen in the summary section of the shoe review. We record scores across 12 different criteria, although on the published review you will only see 6 performance criteria (edging, smearing, steep terrain, sensitivity, comfort, value for money).

The qualitative data is our thoughts feelings, and observations about the shoe we have made over the testing period.

3. you share your review!

Once we have shared our thoughts, it’s time for you to have your say! Every visitor has the opportunity to score each shoe across the 6 performance criteria, which will directly impact the final review score. This allows the wisdom of crowds to help us accurately score and rank every shoe.

About Us

Meet The Team

The Shoe Guy


A lifelong climbing addict. Over the last 20 years, Sam has witnessed the evolution of climbing shoes firsthand. You can find his work in outdoor publications like Climbing Magazine, UK Climbing, and Gear Junkie.

The Shoe Girl


Angel may have only been climbing for a few years, but that doesn’t stop her from getting a serious case of the climbing bug. If she’s not working a spicy sport line, she’s writing about the latest climbing shoe news.

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