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Evolv Climbing Shoes


Evolv burst onto the climbing scene in 2003 and has been churning out countless killer climbing shoes since then. Their shoe range caters more to sport climbing and bouldering, especially indoor climbing, but has something everyone can vibe on.

No. of Climbing Shoes: 37
Founded: 2003
Location:  Los Angeles, United States
Big-name Ambassadors: Daniel Woods, Steph Davis, Colin Duffy, Ashima Shiraishi, Paul Robinson

Tried & Tested

Evolv shoes

The Evolv climbing shoes our team has tested recently.

Evolv Agro thumbnail

Evolv Agro

The Agro was my former go-to bouldering and sport climbing shoe before Evolv retired this…
Evolv Shaman New

Evolv Shaman

A climbing shoe that has reached legendary status. Now on its third iteration, just like…
Evolv Defy

Evolv Defy

One of the best-selling climbing shoes ever made. Designed for beginners, the Defy is an…


Evolv is continuously refining its line of clever shoe technology. From their proprietary rubber formula, known as Trax rubber, to their Dark Spine and VTR (variable thickness rands), the R&D team at Evolv HQ rarely disappoints when it comes to cool climbing tech.

Evlov was also one of the first manufacturers to champion vegan-friendly shoe design. They currently boast one of the biggest collections of vegan climbing shoes of any brand, including many of their performance models such as the Shaman and Phantom.


Evolv creates its rubber for all its shoes, currently divided into three formulas; SAS, XE, and Enduro.


The Dark Spine creates a ridge down the center of the heel cup to protect your calcaneus bone and allows for secure hooking ability.


By varying the thickness of the toe rand, Evolv is able to increase the longevity and performance of its shoes.

Evolv climbing size guide

Evolv Sizing Top Tips

Evolv bases its shoe sizing on US street shoe size, so more often than not, you will find that the right size climbing shoe is very similar to your normal shoe size. Based on my experience, I tend to hover around my Street size (10 US), although this does vary slightly throughout its shoe range.

Generally, Evolv shoes tend to suit wide-footed climbers better, although their range in recent years has expanded to cater to a range of foot volumes.

As with most shoe manufacturers, many Evolv climbing shoes now come in Low and high volume variations to cater to a diverse range of foot shapes. Their range of low-volume shoes features a lower heel cup, as well as a narrower and lower profile, fit the back and forefoot.

The Extra Bits

Got more questions about Evolv climbing shoes? Here are some of the most popular FAQs we get asked.

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