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After bursting onto the shoe scene in 1985 with the release of the Five Ten Tennie, these American climbing shoes and their legendary Stealth rubber quickly became a force to be reckoned with. 

No. Of Climbing Shoes: 8
Founded: 1985
Location:  Los Angeles, United States
Ambassadors: Janja Garnbret, Natalie Grossman, Shauna Coxsey, Miho Nonaka, Will Bosi

Tried & Tested

Five Ten shoes

All the Five Ten climbing shoes our team has tested.

Five Ten NIAD Lace thumbnail

Five Ten NIAD Lace

The stiffest and most specialized shoe in the new Five Ten NIAD range. Designed to…
Five Ten Crawe

Five Ten Crawe

A laser-precise toe box and a killer heel cup make the Crawe the perfect tool…


The next-generation upgrade of the Anasazi. The Five Ten NIAD VCS is a comfortable…
Anasazi VCS Shoe Testing

Five Ten Anasazi VCS

There is little doubt about what these shoes were built for. The VCS is designed…


The fresh innovations and clever shoe tech were one of the main reasons why Five Ten became known as a leading name in the shoe game.

It all started with a seriously sticky compound called Stealth rubber. From there, the Five Ten brand changed the landscape of climbing shoes. In the last 4 decades, they have introduced the world to approach shoes, downturned and asymmetrical shapes, velcro closures, dual pull-on loops, and perforated rands.

Stealth Rubber

One of the most famous rubber compounds ever made having been used by climbers, bikers, and stuntmen for over 40 years.

Asymmetrical & Downturned

The Five Ten UFO was the first downturned climbing shoe ever created, changing how climbing shoes are made forever.

Women’s Specific Shoes

The release of the Five Ten Diamond in 1997 marked the first shoe ever designed to cater to the unique shape of women’s feet.


Five Ten’s previous line of climbing shoes often required some serious downsizing. Models like the origonal Moccasym were renowned for stretching up to several sizes throughout their lifetimes.

The modern range of Five Ten climbing shoes, however, the design team has revised their sizing. Now, almost every shoe in their line is true to size. This means that, more often than not, the right size for you will closely resemble your normal street shoe size.

We found that most of the shoes in their range offer a performance fit when sized true, and a more comfortable fit when sized 1/2 – 1 whole size up.

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Five Ten FAQs

Everything you ever need to know about Five Ten climbing shoes.

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