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My Top Picks

Looking for a new shoe but not sure where to start? We got you. On this page, you will find our team’s favorite shoes for every climbing occasion. Whether you’re hunting for your next gym shoe, researching wide-footed models, or want to know some of our favorite budget shoes, you can find it all here.

Best Bouldering Shoes

The Best Bouldering Shoes in 2023

Bouldering has fast become everyone’s new favorite sport. And to climb at your best, you’re going to need a bouldering shoe that offers the right features for the job. Here

Indoor climbing shoes

Gym Climbing Shoes

Ready to take your plastic-pulling game to the next level?

Wide feet

Wide-Fitting Shoes

A few of our favorites for the wide-footed climbers out there.

Intermediate climbing shoes

For The Intermediates

Level up your climbing game with a performance pair of intermediate climbing shoes.

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