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SCARPA has been at the forefront of outdoor footwear since 1938, with a 50-year history of manufacturing climbing shoes. These Italians have been churning out world-class performance shoes that have solidified the company’s spot as a world-class shoe manufacturer.

No. of Climbing Shoes: 34
Founded: 1938
Location:  Asolo, Italy
Big-name Ambassadors: Magnus Midtbø, Shawn Raboutou, Nathaniel Coleman, Alex Puccio, Nina Williams

Tried & Tested

Scarpa shoes

Every Scarpa climbing shoe our team has tested.

Scarpa Vapor V Review

Scarpa Vapor V

One of the most adaptable sport climbing shoes money can buy. Awesome for beginners, seasoned…

Scarpa Instinct VSR

Soft but still supportive, the VSR is the ultimate quiver of one shoe. This is…
Scarpa Veloce Thumbnail

Scarpa Veloce

A shoe created with gym climbing in mind. The Veloce is super-soft, slightly downturned, and…
Scarpa Drago

Scarpa Drago

A popular pick shoe the gym rats. This super soft sending shoe allows you to…
Scarpa Instinct SR

Scarpa Instinct SR

The Scarpa Instinct SR was the predecessor of the new Instinct S; an affordable price…
Scarpa Chimera thumbnail

Scarpa Chimera

The brainchild of Scarpa shoe genius Heinz Mariacher, the Chimera is “the pinnacle of modern…

Scarpa Shoe Tech

Scarpa’s R&D department is responsible for some of the most interesting shoe developments we have seen in recent years.

Led by legendary shoe designer Heinz Mariacher, the Scarpa team has developed a wide range of propriety technology including some seriously sticky rubber, a few interesting rands, and a wide range of unique last shapes.

Relaxed Performance Fit (FKJ Last)

By adding more space and rounding out the toe box, Scarpa has created one of the most comfortable shoe shapes we’ve encountered.

Bi-Tension Rand

One of the many clever ways Scarpa creates tension in its shoes. The Bi-tension pulls your toes in, as opposed to cramming them forward, allowing for precise footwork without the pain.

M50, M70 & S-72 Rubber

Scarpa mostly uses Vibram for its outsoles, but many models also use Scarpa’s own rubber for their toe patch, heel, or rands.

Scarpa climbing shoe sizing guide

Scarpa Sizing Top Tips

Scarpa has over 20 last shapes that they use as the foundations of their shoes, 9 of which are lower volume options to accommodate a range of foot sizes, especially women. Regardless of your foot shape, there is bound to be something in the Scarpa range that perfectly fits your foot.

Like many manufacturers, Scarpa climbing shoe sizes use European sizing, which allows for a more precise fit. This is due to the smaller increments between each EU size, which would have 30 different variations compared to the standard 24 US half and full sizes.

When it comes to sizing, most people find that they need to downsize Scarpa shoes to get a performance fit. I wear size EU 44 street shoes, and from my personal experience, I have found that I usually hover around the 42 EU in Scarpa models for the perfect fit.

The Extra Bits

Still have more questions about Scarpa climbing shoes? Here are some of the most popular FAQs we get asked.

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