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TENAYA climbing shoes Guide


This Spanish shoe manufacturer has been in the shoe game since 1997 and has a long history of creating game-changing shoes.

No. of Climbing Shoes: 18
Founded: 2003
Location:  Barcelona, Spain
Ambassadors: Chris Sharma, Alex Megos, Jimmy Webb

Tried & Tested

Tenaya shoes

The Tenaya climbing shoes our team has tested recently.

Tenaya Indalo

Tenaya Indalo

An all-around sending machine for narrow feet. Particularly good on tricky vertical and moderately overhung…
Tenaya Mastia Thumbnail

Tenaya Mastia

An extremely comfortable and versatile performance shoe both inside and out, with a knack for…
Tenaya Masai Thumbnail

Tenaya Masai

A shoe created to excel on those barely-there edges, crystals, and ripples. A master of…
Tenaya Iati

Tenaya Iati

With its stiffer profile and full-length sole, the Tenaya Iati is made for mastering technical…


Tenaya climbing shoes are known for their advanced technology that enhances climbers’ performance and comfort on the rock. One of the standout features of Tenaya climbing shoes is the Draxtor lacing system, which allows for precise adjustment of the shoe’s fit. Another notable technology found in Tenaya climbing shoes is SXR Dynamics. This innovation enhances the shoe’s power transmission, providing a more efficient transfer of energy from the foot to the rock.

draxtor Lace System

Tenaya has created its own patented closure system for all its shoes. Not only does this provide tension but it makes it quick and easy to close the shoe.

SXR Dynamics

This innovative tech from Tenaya allows the shoe to adapt to different rock shapes for precision and comfort.

Tenaya Sizing Top Tips

As with most climbing shoe manufacturers, Tenaya bases their shoe size on European sizing. As there are more increments with European sizes, it makes it easier to find the right fit for you.

Tenayas are quite awkward to size. From my experience, sizing can vary greatly from model to model. For some shoes, like the Mastia, I need to drop two whole UK shoe sizes. Other shoes, like the Masai, only need to be downsized by 1 shoe size

The Extra Bits

Everything you ever need to know about Tenaya climbing.

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